Public listing of names

The Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit can publish the names of individuals and registered companies that have overdue fines.

Names will be published at the discretion of the Chief Recovery Officer and is an enforcement measure adopted after:

  • several attempts to contact the outstanding debtor have been made, and
  • no payment has been received or payment arrangement set up.

Names will be removed from this list within one business day of receiving payment for the amount outstanding or when a payment arrangement is put in place.

Surname Given Names Alias Date of Birth Amount Outstanding
ADAMS CAMERON MICHAL ADAMS, Cameron Michael: ADAMS, Cameron Michal 22/08/1984  $36,605.00
ADAMS MARK WILLIAM   6/05/1974  $17,864.05
ALLEN JASON LAWSON   9/09/1974  $14,518.25
BAKER TONI   24/04/1984  $52,658.28
BROMLEY ANTHONY BROMLEY, Anthony John: BROMERLY, Anthony John: BROMLEY, Tony John 16/06/1964  $22,271.59
CARPIO JOSEPH JAMES   6/06/1985  $21,972.20
CHOMIK KEITH WILLLIAM   11/06/1990  $36,173.55
CORNER MICHAEL   18/06/1968  $49,309.00
EVANS ADAM EVANS, Adam John: EVANS MR ADAM  28/10/1979  $31,987.00
GILL VIKRAMJIT  SINGH GILL, Vikramjit Singh: SINGH GILL, Vikramjit: GILL, Vikramjit 29/05/1989  $22,739.00
GRANTHAM CORY DANIEL GRANTHAM, Corey Brian: GRANTHAM, Cory Daniel 8/07/1974  $23,101.25
HOLZER MICHAEL   8/10/1986  $16,023.30
JONES CHRISTPHER PAUL JONES, Christopher: JONES, C 10/01/1977  $24,046.50
KALPUS KAYLA   27/05/1986  $21,353.10
KING RYAN KING, Ryan Philip: KING, Ryan Phillip 28/06/1982  $32,878.17
MAIONE LINA MAIONE, Pasqualina 18/04/1967  $25,363.55
MAYES KEVON WILLIAM HAYES, Kevan: MAYES, Kevon William  23/06/1980  $11,383.75
MOUSSELINO KAMEL   16/07/1982  $153,973.50
PIERSON JASON RAWIRI PIERSON, Jason Rawiri   7/06/1977  $23,739.00
PUIE DAVID WAYNE   26/12/1980  $27,190.40
RICHARDS JASON KEITH RICHARDS, Jason K: RICHARDS, Jason 24/04/1975  $114,624.00
SANDHU JASPREET SANDHU, Jaspreet Singh 6/09/1983  $26,203.25
SOLIMAN YOISSEF SOLIMAN, Youssef Isaac: SOLIMAN, Youseff Isaac: SOLIMAN, Youssef Isacc 26/01/1967  $19,113.25
STEWART NATHAN A STEWART, Nathan Allan Paul: STEWART, Nathan Alan Paul: STEWART, Nathan A 15/03/1975  $121,974.32
WALLACE JOHN HAONI WALLACE, John Hoani: WALLACE, John 16/02/1977  $11,254.22
WANGANEEN FRANK V WANGANEEN, Frank Victor: WANGANEEN, Frank V 27/03/1979  $15,159.68
WARDLE DANIEL WARDLE, Daniel Anthony 4/08/1981  $25,871.75
WHITE CHRISTIAN WHITE, Christian Jamie: WHITE, Christian Janie 15/10/1972  $17,638.14