Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit

The Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit (Fines Unit) collects payments and takes enforcement actions on overdue debts owed to government entities within South Australia.

The Fines Unit is a business unit of the Attorney-General's Department, and was established on 3 February 2014. On this date, the unit took on the management of the functions previously managed by the Fines Payment Unit of the Courts Administration Authority (CAA) which predominantly covered the recovery and enforcement of overdue debts owed on expiation notices issued by Issuing Authorities. The Fines Unit is also responsible for the recovery and enforcement of court fines.

When the new legislation was introduced, it expanded the functions of the Fines Unit to provide a service to various South Australian Authorities in the recovery and enforcement of overdue debts owed to them, including fines (expiations and court fines) and state (civil) debts. This allows Authorities to refer their overdue debts to the unit for recovery and enforcement action where amounts remain unresolved. 


'Enforcement' refers to a range of measures that can be applied when overdue fines and civil (state) debts remain unpaid. Further details on enforcement actions for fines and civil (state) debts can be found here: enforcements.

In recovering and enforcing unpaid and overdue debts, the Fines Unit provides a consistent and professional service for debt collection for the South Australian community.

The Fines Unit uses data matching and analysis to continuously improve the recovery of unpaid debts in South Australia.

The Fines Unit does not issue fines or civil (state) debts

The Fines Unit does not issue fines or state debts, nor does it set fine rates or determine how these should be applied. Fines and state debts are generally determined by legislation which is the responsibility of a range of departments across three levels of government in South Australia and are issued by authorised authorities or ordered by a court.

Victims of Crime (VOC) Compensation

In addition to overdue expiations, the Fines Unit also manages the recovery of Victims of Crime and Criminal Injury Compensation amounts.

Victims of Crime (VIC) Levy

The Victim of Crime Levy is imposed by legislation on any court fine or SA Police expiation notice and all expiation notices that have been enforced. This levy is paid to the Crown in order for people that are victims of crime to be able to draw on these funds if eligible.

Civil (state) debts

Since 1 February 2019, the Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit is able to recover Civil (State) debts referred for State Government entities; enabling a whole-of-Government debt collection approach for the State.