Issuing Authorities

The Fines Unit works closely with Authorities to recover overdue debts referred to the unit.

The Fines Unit provides a service to Authorities across the state in the recovery of debts owed on expiations, letters or invoices they have issued.

Authorities include local councils and across State Government departments such as SA Police, the Department of Transport and Infrastructure, the Environment Protection Authority and many more.

The Fines Enforcement and Debt Recovery Act 2017 allows Authorities to refer their overdue debts to the unit for recovery and 'enforcement' on their behalf. 'Enforcement' refers to a range of measures that can be applied when overdue debts remain unpaid. Read more about enforcements.

Many Authorities across the state lodge overdue debts with the Fines Unit, and debts referred can include parking fines, speeding and traffic infringements, environmental and safety fines, court fines as well as civil (state) debts.