View my notices

This page provides you the ability to view your fines notices at any time.

There are two ways to access your notices online:

  1. With a fine reference number, or
  2. Validating your personal details.

To view your notices:

  1. Once you have logged-in, select either ‘current fines’ or ‘transaction history’.
  2. Select the relevant fine reference number(s).
  3. You will be provided with a list showing copies of notices issued for each fine reference number (if you hold multiple fine reference numbers, each must be viewed individually).

Please note: any matters prior to February 2014 may not be displayed. If you cannot locate a notice or require further information, contact 1800 659 538 or



Unauthorised access is strictly prohibited. By submitting “Find me” on the next page, you are confirming that you are the individual, or have written authority to act on the individual’s behalf. You also acknowledge that misuse and/or fraudulent access is a criminal offence and you may be prosecuted for unauthorised access. You authorise and acknowledge electronic identification information will be collected, held, used and stored. These electronic identifiers may include, but not be limited to: your exact location, device details, and IP Address.