Criminal Injury Compensation

In South Australia the victim of an offence may seek compensation for an injury caused by the offence under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Acts 1969 and  1978 (CIC Acts) or the Victims of Crime Act 2001 (VOC Act).  Compensation, together with legal costs and expenses, may be paid to victims of crime by the State (compensation payment).

The State may recover, from an offender as a debt, a compensation payment made to a victim of crime prior to 1 January 2003 under the CIC Acts and may seek a judgment of the District Court against an offender for the amount of a compensation payment made to a victim after 1 January 2003 under the VOC Act.  The Fines Unit can recover amounts owed to the State by offenders pursuant to a Court order if the amount remains outstanding.

How to repay a CIC/VOC debt

If you owe money to the State in respect of a VOC/CIC debt and would like to enquire about payment options, please contact the Fines Unit on 08 8207 6485.

If you dispute the CIC/VOC debt you may wish to obtain independent legal advice. The Law Society of South Australia can also refer you to a lawyer.

Support for victims

A list of support providers who can offer assistance can be found on the Commissioner for Victims' Rights website. Alternatively contact Victim Support Service on 1800 VICTIM (1800 842 846).